A Hotel of Many Owners
     This hotel was first a grocery store built by a John McLay whose wife was said to be a Miss. McBeth, who taught school in Lindsay Township. After a few years there in business they sold out and moved to the Soo. (This place was on the site now occupied by the Copper Kettle, owned by the Southwards, and open only in the summer.

     The next owners were the Greenlees, Jack, Bob and Jennie Greenlees. The Greenlees were well-known in store business as well as in the timber business. This was in 1895. John Brown bought Greenlees store and turned it into a hotel. Others owners following Brown include H. Wedow, a Mr/ Gross, Frank Fair, McCalls, Teddy Kyte, Bill Gibson. George Hayward was the last owner of this hotel. Like the other hotels, this one burned down too. The Haywards moved away. (Not related to any Haywards in the vincinity.)

     The old timers accounts of hotels and stores do not always jibe, but we try to get in all the names. Not many will be concerned with hwo owned what a hundred years from now!

Page 84 of Old Timers’ Tales
A History of Stokes Bay and Area
(Bruce Peninsula)
By Helene Scott