Present Stokes Bay Stores

     The present owners of the Stokes Bay Store are Brian and joan Sneddon. This store at one time was known as “Shute’s Hen House”. We do not know why. This store was started by Walter and Mary (Burley) Gedde. They had a very successful store until Mrs. Gedde’s untimely passing.

     Gedde kept the store for a time before selling the business to Mr. and Mrs. Percy Malloy. The next owners were Hector and Tina Burley who ere there for a number of years until Hector passed away. The next owners were Douglas and Lois McLay. McLays gave up the store and Douglas went into real estate at which he is very successful. Sorry we do not have more details.

     After leaving his store uptown, Walter Gedde kept a small store in what was part of the old Golden Home. The next owners of that place Mr.s and Mrs. Norman McLay also kept a small store there. Eventually, Norman McLay moved to St. Thomas where he was employed by the hospital there. After a few years Mrs. McLay also moved to St. Thomas, and the McLay home is owned by a son who makes it a vacation retreat when holidays come around.

     At Fredanna Tourist Camp and Post Office you will also find numerous items in their small tourist camp store. Fred and Anna Forbes also have many rental trailers and boats for the summer tourist trade. This place as built by Kenny Smith, and later George Vaughan owned it. He also had the Post Office. George is now deceased, and his wife lives in the lovely Hidden Hills home north of the Bay.

     The only restaurant in the village is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Southward; they are just open in the summer months and go to Woodstock for the winter. Their restaurant is known as “The Copper Kettle”. In former days it was a grocery store and had many owners.

Page 86 - 87 of Old Timers’ Tales
A History of Stokes Bay and Area
(Bruce Peninsula)
By Helene Scott