Stokes Bay
Keepers of the Range Lights
(Knife Island and Irish Harbour)

     The first lightkeeper on record at this date, was Aex Smith of Stokes Bay on May 14th, 1908 until John McIvers’ appointment on October 30th, 1913. Norman McDonald took over in 1920.
Stokes Bay: Class 9 – Salary $1950 – $2070 – $2190
Born: February 6th, 1891 in Lindsay Township
Marital Status: Married with no dependent children.
Military Service: 1st Battalion C.E.F. Reg. No. 651309. Pension No. 460692. Class 80 (OAS 1 left leg amputated)
Date of Commencement: October 5th, 1920 – appointed by C.S.C. Letter September 28th, 1930 file No. 21948.

     Norman McDonald retired February 1956 after 36 years of service. New Temporary mas was S.T. Adams. Permanent as of October 16th, 1956. Range Lights made automatic in 1955.

     Norman McDonald was born in Lindsay Township, son of Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Charlie McDoland. In 1921 married Francis Bellmore of Pike Bay. Norman died in 1958 survived by his wife and a son, Malcolm. A daughter Norma preseceased. They lived all their married life in stokes Bay. Summers were spent at the lighthouse which no longer exists. The lights are now automatic and all buildings have been removed.

Page 63 of Old Timers’ Tales
A History of Stokes Bay and Area
(Bruce Peninsula)
By Helene Scott