S.S. #9, Eastnor Stokes Bay

     A quotation from the early news relating to the Council of Eastnor Township reads as follows:

”By the early 1890’s, there were eight school sections and by 1897 or 98 Stokes Bay had become number nine, having had a privately hired teacher for some time previous to 1903.“

     Scanty information is available but we do know that Ida McLeod taught school in an upstairs room of her home in those early years at Stokes Bay. She was not a qualified teacher but she filled in the role until a regular teacher could be found.

     Before the turn of the century, pupils attended school at Swan Lake, a distance of 3 to 4 miles for some of the children. They walked through the McIver and Martin farms to the First Concession, and then on past the McLeod and McKinnon homesteads to the Swan Lake schoolhouse. Later some of the pupils even walked to the Lindsay School. At this time, the Orange Hall was under construction at Stokes Bay the intent was to use it also as school accommodation until a schoolhouse could be erected. Classes were held there for a number of years.

     Teachers in the Orange Hall were: Miss Kate Fox, Miss Annie Dandy, Miss Threadgold, Miss Stonehouse, Mr. James Shute, Miss Lizzie Shute, Miss Nettie Byers.

     The Stokes Bay School S.S. #9, Eastnor was built in 1903. It was erected on Lot 38, Con. 3, W.B.R., by John A. Smith and James Pyke. Many families must have breathed a contented sigh when a local schoolhouse finally stood in their community. Miss Maude Shantz appears to have been the first teacher in the new schoolhouse at Stokes Bay.

     When the new Eastnor Central School was opened in 1964, the Women’s Institute bought the Stokes Bay School and converted it into a Community Centre.

Items of Interest:

     The old bell on the school was made in Northville, Michigan. It was from a tugboat. (Around 1912.)

     In 1926-27, a box of chalk cost $1.25, gravel was $1.00 per load, and 12 cords of wood were purchased for $35.94.

     Harold Bruin’s salary for the months of November and December in 1938 was $12.00 (Harold was the itinerant music teacher.) The teacher, Vince Elliott, was given $77.60 as his monthly salary payment.

1903-1904 Miss Maude Shantz
1904-1905 Miss Nettie Byers
? Miss McRostie
1909-1910 John J. Smith
1911-1912 Miss Annie Wyborn
1913-April 1918 Malcom McIver
April 1918-May 1918 Anna (?) Wyborn
May 1918-1921 Isabel Jackson
1921-1922 Janet Radcliffe
1922-1924 Annie MacLean
1924-1926 Mildred Tackaberry
1926-1927 Myrtle Stubbs
1927-1928 Pearl Sterna11
1928-Feb. 1931 Olive Cruickshank
Feb. 1931-Nov. 1933 Helen McDougall
Nov. 1933-Jan. 1934 Stella M. Duncan
Jan. 1934-1935 Maisie H. MacDonald
1935-1938 Lucy V. Robbins
1938-1939 Vincent Elliott
1939-1940 Rosebud Ardell
1940-1941 Willa I. White
1941-1943 Irma Lebar
1943-1946 Alvena Noble
1946-1951 Roberta Ackerman
1951-1952 Royden McCoag
1952-1953 Margaret Hellyer
1953-1955 Orla McCutcheon
1955-1956 Pearl Hellyer
1956-1957 Bill Meneray
1957-1959 Margaret Bray
1959-1961 Grace Hindman
Sept. 1961-Dec. 1961 Pearl Cook
Jan. 1962-June 1962 Pearl Hellyer
1962-1963 Marilyn (Davis) McLay
1964 To Eastnor Central School

Stokes Bay School Fair
Back row, left to right: (hidden), Manley Kirk, Jean Cousins,
Lottie Burley, Raymond Kirk, Clinton Golden, Gordon Scott.
Second row: Erma Golden, Myrtle Burley, Wilma Golden, Abigale Burley,
Delores McLay, Alberta Burley, Jo-Ann Burley, Dwayne Kirk,
Stanley Cousins.
Front row: Jerry Burley, Hugh Burley, Audrey Burley, Wilbert Burley,
Peggy Smith, Lena Burley.

S.S. NO. 9, STOKES BAY 1899
Teacher: K.R. Fox
Senior III Annie Shute, Willie McLeod.
Junior III Sarah Shute, Malcolm ______, Maggie McIver, Ethel Martindale.
Junior II Christena Smith, Maggie Smith.
Senior Primer Alexander Smith, Angus Cameron, Pearl McLeod.
Junior Primer         Harvey Golden, Katie Smith, Chas. Golden, Albert Cameron, Richard Golden, Alfred Cameron, David Wedow, Christopher McIver, Willie Shute, Bertha Wedow, Sarah Smith, Stanley Martindale.

S.S. #9, 1938
Back row, left to right: Myrtle Burley, Alberta Burley, Hector Burley,
Ray Kirk, teacher Lucy Robbins, Dolores McLay, Joanne Burley,
Barbara Murray.
Centre row: Ada Burley, Peggy Smith, Velma McDonald, Jeanne Murray,
Jacqueline Burley, Carol Cousins, Marion McLay, Mary Cousins,
Lena Burley.
Front row: Gordon Scott, Dwayne Kirk, Wilbert Burley, Billy Burley,
Dave Kirk, Bruce Smith, Stanley Cousins.

S.S. #9, 1955
Back row, left to right: Ross Ackerman, Dennis Smith, Joe McLay,
Wayne Smith.
Middle row: Doug McLay, Sharon Hawke, Carl Shearer, Buddy McLay,
Judy Burley, Judy Hawke.
Front row: Danny McLay, Joe Hawke, Ann McFarlane,
Maureen McFarlane, Shane Burley, Peter Hawke, Susan Hawke,
Mary Jean Burley, James Burley.

Pages 219-220 of Benchmarks
A History of Eastnor Township and Lion’s Head
Compiled by The Eastnor & Lion’s Head Historical Society
Copyright 1987