Seed’s Trailer Camp

     The cottages on this site were built by Kenny Smith who later sold them to a Mr. Goodacre of Sarnia, who operated a resort for a number of years. He then sold the place to Fred Seed who has made the location into a trailer camp.

     Kenny Smith also built cottages now owned by Jimmy Williams, George Blight, Mike Costello and Jim McLean. At one time he had a shingle mill on the shore down behind Jack McLay’s house.

Page 389 of Benchmarks
A History of Eastnor Township and Lion’s Head
Compiled by The Eastnor & Lion’s Head Historical Society
Copyright 1987

     After leaving the camp in 1987, Fred and Marg Seed moved to Wallaceburg, Ontario, where Fred had a stroke in 19__ and passed away in ________.

     Dieter and Jackie Gonnsen of Fort Erie bought the camp in 1987 and operated it, still under the name “Good Acres Park and Campground” until March 2002.

     The camp was again sold in March 2002 to Ronald and Bonnie McKeown from Barrie. Ron was killed on January 17, 2006, when their truck rolled after hitting black ice on their return from Ron’s hip replacement operation in London. Bonnie attempted to run the camp on her own with the help of the seasonal tenants until it was sold in March 2008.

     J.D. Everest of Everest Trees Hepworth and Tim Arnald, former owner of the Dairy Queen in Sauble Beach.

     J.D. and Tim attempted to bring the camp more up to date by changing trailer spacing, allowing only certain age trailers. This did not go well with those who had trailers. As a last ditch effort, they had the property sub-divided into seven lots for house construction until they sold the land to Chris Reimer-Catteau in 2019.