Tamarac Island Fishing and Shooting Club

Stokes Bay’s only private and exclusive club, the Tamarac Island Fishing and Shooting Club, was incorporated under Letters Patent dated June 12th, 1913. The Island was purchased from the Knechtel Company, Hanover, who were the last owners and operators of the Tamarac Mill. The original mill building is still intact, and is used as sleeping and storage quarters for members (1959). The following list of men were those who were instrumental in forming the Club:
                Charles H. Witthun Lumberman, Hanover, Ont.
Ross Ely Young Merchant, Hanover, Ont.
Herman Gruetzner Electrician, Hanover, Ont.
John Stockford Traveller, Elora, Ont.
George Schneider Schwindt    Manufacturer, Walkerton, Ont.
     Mr. and Mrs. George Kirk were the first stewards with the club until 1927. Mr. and Mrs. Allan McLay took over then until Mrs. McLay passed away in 1952. Mr. McLay and daughters carried on as managers until Claren and Greta Baker took over. Ed and Flo White were next, then Mel and Bev Mathison purchased the club in 1986.
     (This information courtesy of Mr. Roy Lightfoot. Port Elgin, Sec-Treas. of the Club)

Pages 388-389 of Benchmarks
A History of Eastnor Township and Lion’s Head
Compiled by The Eastnor & Lion’s Head Historical Society
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