Smith’s Store

     This store had three previous owners before being bought by Mac and Jeanne Smith of Lindasy Township. They were: Charlie McDonald, 1919-1920; Malcolm McIver 1921-1922; and James Rouse 1922-1925. Smiths bought the property from James Rouse in 1925. They also kept the Post Office.

     Jeanne Smith had the store and Post Office for 1931-32. The store was then phased out and the Post Office went to Eber Burley in 1932-41.

     Later the store was turned into a restaurant and dance hall. Through the years there were many dances, concerts and other parties held in Smith’s hall. Jeanne Smith was an accomplished pianist, and she gave her time and talents freely to many organizations.

     In wartime the hall was the focus for many good times and dances, with Val Shouldice and his orchestra giving out with all the latest music, and Harry Oswald was their pianist. All kinds of meeting were held there, and Jeanne Smith never charges for anything that was for a good cause. Jeanne and Don’s Restaurant flourished, and good food was the norm.

     The place was then sold and Mrs. Smith left to work in Sarnia, where she had a most successful wool shop on Mitton Street. She was an excellent crafts person, and especially skilled at knitting.

     Before moving to Sarnia, Mrs. Smith taught music in Lindsay and St. Edmunds’ schools.

     She is now retired and lives in her comfortable cottage overlooking Stokes Bay, where she and Norm are enjoying their sunset years overlooking a sunset Bay.

Page 85 - 86 of Old Timers’ Tales
A History of Stokes Bay and Area
(Bruce Peninsula)
By Helene Scott
Florence Jeanne Smith – Friday, May 27, 2005