Stork Brings Big Surprise
     In Stokes Bay, one cold night in February, nine year old Eloise Doran was aroused from her bed by her mother who told her to get dressed and hurry next door to get Mrs. Bob Golden as she, Mrs. Doran was feeling sick. Eloise was off in a flash and hurried to Goldens where she was able to get Mrs. Golden up by rapping on her bedroom window. Mrs. Golden was not surprised by the message and told Eloise to go across the bridge and get Mrs. Johnson who lived where McArthurs are now. Mrs. Johnson, not surprised either, told the girl to come in and stay the night with her family. She then sent her son up to the village store for Mrs. Florence McIver, who was a nurse.

     The three women met at the Doran home and without a stork in sight delivered Mrs. Doran's twins – a boy and a girl. It was a thrilling moment as no twins had been born in Stokes Bay since the Alex Smith twins many years before.

     Now Eloise knew that her mother wasn’t well but had no inkling a baby was in the offing. When she asked her mother why she was getting so fat, her mother said she must be drinking too much milk! What a surprise when she returned home next morning to find two babies on a pillow in a big chair. A new brother and sister overnight!

     The twins caused quite a stir in Stokes Bay and a steady stream of visitors kept arriving to see these wonderful babies. Could that have been 65 years ago? Indeed it was. Ruth Doran Salmon is now deceased but Ralph lives retired in Southampton where the Doran family are well known. Eloise? she lives in Southampton too – retire? never!
by Helene Scott
(Long time friend of the Doran family)

Pages 20-21 of Old Timers’ Tales
A History of Stokes Bay and Area
(Bruce Peninsula)
By Helene Scott