The Village Blacksmiths
by Helene Murray Scott

“Under the spreading maple trees the village smithy stood
Selling horseshoes and setting same
And collecting what he could.”

Stokes Bay’s first blacksmith was probably Dan McLean or J.B. McLeod, followed by Dan McKague, and then Angus Murray. The blacksmith shop was near the site of the present home of the late Mrs. Clyde Aker.
From a day-book belonging to Angus Murray there are some interesting accounts of purchases and customers of 1902 and 1903. The following are gleaned from the pages of this old journal:

1902 & 1903
4 shoes set, paid 50
3 new shoes, 90. 2 shoes set, 25
2 new canthook stalks and hooks repaired $1.00
3 bolts 3/4 for dray. 1 sleigh tongue, $1.50. 2 spurs, 40.
8 spikes, 20. 2 canthooks repaired, 20. 1 shoe set, 10. 1 bolt for bunk, 20.
2 new shoes set, 60. Harness repaired, 45. 1 whiffle-tree, 25. 1 link, 5.
Repair on cutter, 50. bolt in clevis, 10.

The last blacksmith in Stokes Bay was the late Henry Wardrop.
Other accounts noted include:

William Stead in account with M & A June 1, towing raft, 8.00. Towing raft from Irish Harbour, 4.00.

1903 Paid to George Golden for board up to Aug. 7th, 16.23.

Jacob Wolfely in account with M & G: Towing raft from Tamarack, $1.00. 2 days work in mill, 3.00. etc.

Other expenses: Alex Smith for team, 60. 2 hooks for hammock, 20; Lent to George, 2.00. Received from Lempkie’s 2.50.

In 1903 it looks as if they took a flyer in fishing as “Paid fishing expenses” relates:

Kenneth Murray $4.00. John Martin $6.00. Walter Knight $35.00 and George Dearing $1.00. salt, $6.25, small like $1.25.

Another item:

“Commenced to board with Mrs. D.B. Mclead, Nov. 17, 1902. No amount shown.

Pages 74-75 of Benchmarks
A History of Eastnor Township and Lion’s Head
Compiled by The Eastnor & Lion’s Head Historical Society
Copyright 1987