I hope this picture doesn’t convey the fact that these pupils were the only ones attending the Stokes Bay School at that time (1929/30). We were dressed like Indians to enroll in the School Fair being held in the Lion’s Head Fair grounds. Some of the students I remember missing from the picture were Deloris McLay, Isobel Burley, Lottie Burley, Jane Burley and others that couldn’t make it for some reason.
Picture provided by
Oley (Lee) Knight

(L–R) Charlie Golden, Joanne Burley, Lount Hawke, Elsy Ribbel, Irene McLay,
McIvor Burley, Ad Burley, Unknown, Raymond Kirk, Howard Knight, Unknown,
Manley Kirk, Oley Ribbel, Hector Burley, Unknown.

If you can provide the names of the “Unknowns”, please email.